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Environmental Education/ ESD Coordinator

I have learned nature, earth and social environmental problems from various aspects and roles at environmental NGO, higher education and research institute etc. Also, I have experienced a variety of environmental education jobs such as editing environmental magazines for NGO members, making brochures and fliers, designing and implementing various events such as painting contests, tours, workshops, seminars and symposiums etc., and made environmental picture books overseas.

In 2006, I established an environmental non-profit organization, and planned and implemented various projects such as community cafes, made walking maps and, environmental education programs for kids with local community. Through these projects, I have collaborated with artists, researchers, creators, musicians and gardeners etc., and aimed creative and fun educational activities. From 2014, I have begun research activities about climate change education program in Japan and overseas. Through these activities, I would like to disseminate effective educational opportunities to many people. Hence, I have established the “ESD for FUTURE”.

  • Global Environmental Outlook 6 for Youth (GEO 6 for Youth) is introduced me as an environmental educator, who has been implementing good practices in the world.

  • I have designed and implemented several (more than 100) environmental education programs, targeting groups from children to adults and Japanese to Foreigners.

  • For the last fourteen years, I have been engaging in educational activities which focus on creating a sustainable community. The work was done along with local citizens, Non-governmental organizations, private company and a university in West Ikebukuro, Toshima Ward, Tokyo.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University,

Bonn University as an exchange student,

Internship at Eifel nature protection center, Germany for 2 month,

Master of Intercultural Communication, Rikkyo University


Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training(Offered by Climate reality Project)

Expert Certificate of Environmental Education transdisciplinary approaches to addressing wicked problems(Offered by Cornell University and NAAEE etc.)

Weiterbildungszertifikat von KlimaMOOC (Offered by WWF und DKK)

Expert Certificate of Urban Environmental Education(Offered by Cornell University)


Zentrale Mittelstufenpruefung

Environmental Counselor (Civil Service)

Certification Test for Environmental Specialists


Work Experience

・Environmental NGO: 3 years

Experience of editing, designing and implementing educational events.

・Higher education organization: 10 years

Experience of designing and implementing educational events and researching ESD.

・General Incorporated Foundation:1 year

Experience of IPCC AR5 chapter scientist

・National Research and Development Agency: 3 years

Experience for researching climate change education in Germany, Austria and Japan


Activity history

・NPO Mizumoto Nature Project (4 years)

Designing and implementing nature environmental educational events

・NPO FiELD (4 years)

Development of environmental picture booklets in Philippines and Indonesia.

・Kanagawa Environmental Study Leaders (2 years)

Development of environmental education teaching material and programs for pupils.

・NPO -Kazetsuchi- and Toshimachi Project Association (14 years)

Implementation of various environmental events in Ikebukuro in Toshima Ward.


・Environmental Counselor (2007- )

・Jury, Toshima Ward town development bank(2009-2013)

・Committee, Toshima Ward town development(2009-2013)

・Visiting Researcher, ESD Research Center, Rikkyo University(2015-2017)

・Visiting Researcher, Tokyo City University (2017)

・Supporter of Children’s Eco Club (2016-2018)

・Member of Japanese Society of Environmental Education(2014- )

​・Education and Research Coordinator, Rikkyo Univeirsty(-2020 )

・Adviser, Environmental Partnership Office Hokkaido (2021)

・Global Warming Prevention Promoting Committee member, Japan Center for Climate Actions(2021-)


・Japan Fund for Global Environment (4 years)

Development of picture booklets in Philippines and Indonesia.

・Toshima Ward town development fund (3 years)

Creating sustainable community in Toshima Ward.

・Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) (3 years)

Development of climate change education program for nurturing regional leaders.

Development of climate change education capacity building program for nurturing a regional leader.

Invited lectures


・From elementary school students to graduate students (Environmental education, Climate change education, community planning etc.) 

・Nagareyama City, Chiba prefecture,

・Nerima Ward, Tokyo,

・Tottori Prefecture,

・Environmental Partnership Office Hokkaido


・National Institute for Environmental Studies,

・Soka City, Saitama prefecture,

・Nerima Ward, Tokyo,

・Toshima Ward, Tokyo

・Training Lecturer

・Okayama prefecture for Chugoku and Shikoku region,

・Fukui prefecture,

・The Meteorological Society of Japan,

・Hiroshima University

・Co-development of climate change education teaching material

・Development of climate change education material with a German ESD researcher.

・Development of climate change education program with a researcher from AIST.

・Invitation lectures

・Targets from elementary school students to graduate students

  The themes of lectures are environmental education, climate change education and creating sustainable community etc.

・Lecture at Rikkyo University:ESD

Media Coverage


・Being introduced educational programs in west Ikebukuro.

Introducing highlight places of west Ikebukuro via TV program


 Talking about climate change education and me.


・Provided information about climate change education in German and Austria


Introduced as a counselor, who implements a good practice, via brochure of environmental counselor.

・Publication of UNEP

・Being introduced as a world environmental educator via “Global Environment Outlook 6 for Youth”.


・1st German Speech Contest, 3rd Prize (Hosted by Japanisch-Deutsch Gesellschaft)

・2nd German Speech Contest, Asahi Shimbun Award, (Hosted by Japanisch-Deutsch Gesellschaft)

Articles in reviewed Journals

Potential of an Education Program Using the ‘Climate Change Mystery’ of Fukui Prefecture - From the Perspective of Intrinsic Motivation and Competencies in Citizenship Education -Japanese Journal of Environmental Education, Vol. 79, 23-32p

Development and Trial of a CCE Program for Taking Efficient Climate Change Measures at the Regional Level,2021,Japanese Journal of Environmental Education, Vol. 78, 18-28p

Can Systems Thinking Competency Be Improved? -Potential of “Mystery” Learning Method for Climate Change Education in Japan, 2019, Japanese Journal of Environmental Education, Vol. 74, 14-23p

Study on Climate Change Education Aimed at Fostering Regional Leaders -Based on a Comparative Analysis between Climate Change Education in Japan and Germany, 2016, Japanese Journal of Environmental Education, Vol. 63, 29-42p​


・Trends and Issues of Climate Change Education in Japan, 2016, Implementing Climate Change Adaptation in Cities and Communities, Springer International Publishing, 303-320p ISBN:978-3-319-28591-7

Adventure of Rainbow, 2021


・Trends and issues of Climate Change Education in Japan, 2015, September, World Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation (WSCCA-2015), Manchester, UK

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