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Welcome to ESD for FUTURE website!

Recently, unsustainability of the earth is becoming a big problem and the primary reasons are due to severe impacts via climate crisis and loss of biodiversity. In such a situation, the role of Education for Sustainability (ESD) is vital as it can explain the current situation to as many people as possible and help the world in solving the global environmental problems.

ESD can nurture people who can then create a sustainable society, this includes valuing the essence of our earth such as beautiful nature, change of seasons, landscape of rural area, traditional culture, history, arts etc., and important relationship among local community etc.

A mission of ESD FOR FUTURE is to contribute or create a sustainable society, where everyone can live happily by utilizing rich experiences of educational implementation and research at home and abroad.


Keiko Takahashi

  • Global Environmental Outlook 6 for Youth (GEO 6 for Youth) is introduced me as an environmental educator, who has been implementing good practices in the world.

  • I have designed and implemented several (more than 100) environmental education programs, targeting groups from children to adults and Japanese to Foreigners.

  • For the last fourteen years, I have been engaging in educational activities which focus on creating a sustainable community. The work was done along with local citizens, Non-governmental organizations, private company and a university in West Ikebukuro, Toshima Ward, Tokyo.

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